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Features of ISO LPG Tank Container

ATCO International, Inc., Houston, Texas has introduced LPG Shipment and Transportation using ISO tank containers without any LPG Terminal. This unique method of LPG shipment and Transportation is very economical and very suitable for Landlocked countries without seaports like Central Asian Countries, Afghanistan, and many African Countries like Ethiopia.

Features of ISO LPG Tank Container

It meets the requirements for a storage container for dangerous cargo and a transportation container, which greatly simplifies the formal procedures for transporting dangerous cargo.

It allows sea/land transportation of LPG just like general freight containers.

  • Completed with equipment required for filling, and discharging of dangerous cargo enables safe handling and keeps cargo quality in perfect condition during transportation.
  • Similar to general freight containers it can be stacked for space economy for loading on vessels and temporary storage.
  • Endures long-term repetitive use, has a big unit capacity, and requires no auxiliary packing materials thus making it very economical.
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